Studio 360 Fitness will be hosting its first 360 Tour de Singapore Challenge during the month of September. 

This is a 4 weeks challenge that will lead to a 3 hour charity cycling marathon on 7 October

Participation in any of our indoor cycling class from 1st to 30th September will entitle you to miles, with some special rides entitling you to extra miles. For every 1,000 miles accumulated during the month , you will get one chance to win prizes in our lucky draw which will take place on 7 October. 


Come join us for our fun and motivating indoor cycling class to burn calories, improve your stamina

and get a chance to win some prizes including 2 Polar M430 Heart Rate monitors (valued at $359) !  

Ride, burn calories and have fun 


During the month of September, between 1st-31st September 

You will be able to earn miles for each indoor cycling class you participate in, 

We will have some special "360 Tour de Singapore" rides that will entitle you to more miles

"Tour de Singapore" special rides:

- Thursday 7th 6.40 pm - East Coast Endurance (Casee) 

- Tuesday 12th 6.40 pm - Mandai All Terrain (Lynnette) 

- Sunday 16th 10.10 am - Mount Faber Hill Intervals (Sophie & Adel) 
- Monday 18th 7 pm - Lim Chu Kang Sprints (Deborah)

- Saturday 23rd 10.10 am - Kranji loop (Sophie) 

- Wednesday 27th 7 pm - Seletar Aerospace Race Day (Roger & Sophie)

Accumulate mileage 

 It is easy to earn miles.

Just participate in an indoor cycling class and bring a friend for extra points. 

Our special "Tour de Singapore" rides will also entitle you to more points. 

  • One cycling class :100 miles

  • One special "360 Tour de Singapore" ride : 200 miles

  • Bring a friend: 100 miles

Win Prizes  

The more miles you accumulate, the more chances you will have to win one of our prizes ! 

Stand to win great prizes including

2 Polar M430 Heart rate monitors (valued at $359)  ​

Terms & Conditions

  • Period to accumulate miles is from 1st September to 30th September .

  • All classes attendances  will be automatically recorded in the system so you do not need to do anything else than turn up for class. Just make sure you inform Reception when you bring a friend so that the relevant miles can be credited to your account.

  • Challenge is open to non Studio 360 members and KFIT and GUAVAPASS members. 

  • "Bring a friend" terms & conditions:

    • You need to attend the class together with your friend 

    • Your friend has to be new to the studio

    • Please inform Reception when you bring a friend so that your mileage can be recorded accordingly. 

  • Winners will be announced on 7 October during the lucky draw to take place in our 3-hour charity cycling marathon (details to be announced later).